Let's Get Lost
We've come a long way haven't we? That's what All Highway Miles means.

All Highway Miles, it's a term used when talking about how much mileage a car has covered, it's a term reserved for only the most well travelled of cars. But you see, that's not always a bad thing. On a trip oftentimes the places you've been along the way to wherever it is you're going are just as important as the places you've arrived at. A seemingly disastrous wrong turn away from the bright lights of the city could lead you to one of those long beaches that everyone seems to love to walk on.

It's a lot like design. Sometimes you start with a destination in mind but get lost along the way. Sometimes you make happy mistakes and end up at places you never would have realized you wanted to go. Design is as much about getting where you need to be as it is about getting started and letting the project morph and evolve with what each step of the process reveals to you about what you started off wanting and what you really needed. That's the beauty of it.

About Albert
I'm a graphic designer with a BDes Hons in graphic design from the joint program between York University and Sheridan College, YSDN for short.

I think that finding a healthy work-life balance is key in the creative industry to producing the best work you can. In the past I've made an effort to work with places that share some of my passions outside of the design world and would love to continue doing so.

I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients ranging from NIke and Red Bull, to WestJet, Canada Post, and BMO, and everywhere in between.

When I'm not working on developing brand identities, with my screen turned down way too low, while listening to documentaries about dogs, I'm generally in the woods, falling off my bike.

Got a question? Like the work? Have a bone to pick? Shoot an email to hello@albertphan.com.

Places Along the Way
Ove Brand | Design – Graphic Designer
Pivot Design Group – Freelance Designer
YSDN Delve – Display Exec.
Breadwinner Creative Agency – Freelance Designer
York Ferderation of Students – Graphic Designer
Trek-IT Inc. – Graphic Design Intern

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