Strategic Vision
The aim of this project was to analyze the position of the graphic designer within a defined space and the curatorial possibilities of the designer within this space. Thusly, the arrangement of materials and artifacts within a space has ramifications on the self and society. In curating and designing a space one can affect the associated society and selves.

Through an interactive workshop the different hierarchical levels of 'design' from within the YSDN program and design were invited to intermingle and share their thoughts on the structure of the design community (for example, who defines good design), as such effectively questioning the hierarchical paradigms within the design institution through placing both parties on the same level.

Design Intent
The results of the workshop were documented and displayed within an exhibit throughout the halls of YSDN. In doing such we demonstrated the curatorial possibilities of the designer, and the ability to define the way in which a story is told using design.

The narratives of the workshop's participants were manipulated and composed by us, the curators of the exhibit, in such warping and directing the narratives to our liking and intended outcome. The ability to include and exclude various elements and stories allowed us to steer the discussion of the exhibit in a direction of our choosing.