Heritage Toronto

Strategic Vision
How do you make heritage and preservation relevant to an uninterested and untapped youth audience without disenfranchising a very strong core of mature supporters and volunteers? That was the biggest challenge when developing the new strategic vision for Heritage Toronto.

Heritage societies have long been associated simply with old buildings and dank cellars. With Heritage Toronto's new positioning we wanted to focus on the cultural implications that not only Toronto's historical sites have had, but also its residences have had on our city's identity yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Heritage Toronto is unique in that it is a group not solely focused on preserving Toronto's history, but one that focuses on nurturing the roots for what will become tomorrow's history; the people, the places, the events.

Design Intent
When much of your media is volunteer submitted it can be difficult to establish a coherent photographic voice. That's why when deciding how to render images a bank of filters were created — a simple way of ensuring uniform appearances though out all imagery.

These filters utilized a new colour palette that had been developed to bridge that gap between the two seemingly disparate target groups that had been identified. The initial pallet was much brighter, certainly too bright for most of Heritage Toronto's base audience, and was meticulously scaled back until a happy medium was achieved.

The filters were developed to be applied in a grid, mirroring the logo which makes references to the gridded nature of the city we live in and the Rubik's Cube of diversity and cultures that define our identity as a city. This grid system has been applied heavily throughout the material as one of Heritage Toronto's requests was to develop a visual language that was easily digestible by their in-house design team.