Hurry the F*ck Up

Strategic Vision
How can you convince the public that resources should be diverted to solving your problem when they can't understand how you intend to and why it's such a big deal?

The problem with much of the literary content for large scale social problems is that it is all seemingly written by scholars, for scholars. Hurry the F*ck up aims to rethink the mode of communication and approaches dense social issues from a more conversational standpoint.

Though satirical in nature Hurry the F*ck Up aims to show how the reception of dense and complex information is changed when it is delivered in a less scholarly format. Often times advocacy reports will cite that only large scale participation in initiatives can insure their success, yet are written for a very specific and expert audience, what happens when you dumb down the content a little?

Design Intent
Due to the extremely casual nature of the content, it was only fitting that form and design of the piece matched. With an almost throwaway feel to it the materials used to bind the book are meant to evoke feelings of approachability an to invite and open conversation. Such is the language used in the book, conversational, slang-like terms are used throughout the book and the rough and sketchy nature of the graphics is meant to match that tone.

` The underlying theme of the book, urban sprawl and congestion, invoke images of the idealized suburban utopia of the 60s and 70s, as such the imagery in the book call to that era with the graphic elements acting as a screaming voice over them.