Providence Healthcare

Strategic Vision
Providence HealthCare is an institution that focuses on long-term and palliative care, as a result the relationships that its staff share with patients is much warmer than one would typically expect at a hospital. With this in mind the focus was put on the emotional side of healthcare rather than the clinical.

Instead of choosing to focus on pristine and sterile environments we chose to turn the focus to the more human side of care; concentrating on the unique and candid moments that bring hope to those who help and those who need help.

Design Intent
The idea of warmth and emotion resonated well with those at Providence and began a campaign of 'owning the orange' where subtle changes were made to ensure that warm tones and orange were ever present in the brand's visual language. It was quickly discovered that by turning to concepts as simple as making sure that the lighting was always warm and natural, the splashes of colour in the imagery were always orange, and that the emotions were always genuine the brand would be able to project itself on an almost subconscious level.

In order to create a graphic element that would support the imagery the logo was designed to be utilized as a super graphic. Representing the link between patient and care giver the logo continues to enforce the human centric nature of Providence's mission statement.