Toromont Annual Report

Strategic Vision
Toromont's approach to annual reporting is a little bit different than one would expect, instead of reporting solely on the financial state of the company, every year Toromont dedicates the front end of their report to the success stories of its clients and partners.

Because of this we are able to approach the design of the report from a different lens — one that allows us to treat it more so as an editorial piece than a piece of financial reporting.

Design Intent
Our mandate was to develop a highly versatile grid that would allow us to shift the focus of the report towards a image driven format from the highly text heavy format typical of annual reports. The reason? To continue to enhance the human and intimate feeling that focusing the content of the report on client success stories achieves rather than that of hard numbers.

Large graphic use of type and overlaying of other graphic elements continues to direct attention to the imagery as well while an oversized header allows for the requisite statistical information to be displayed alongside the accompanying stories.