Yorkville Village

Strategic Vision
Located in the heart of one of Toronto's most affluent neighbourhoods, Yorkville, Hazelton Lanes shopping centre was renamed Yorkville Village in order equity in the neighbourhood as a shopping destination on the whole.

Many other names were explored including some that made reference to surrounding streets and areas which had been identified as potential areas of expansion in order to develop associations with those places to the neighbourhood of Yorkville. Ultimately Yorkville Village was chosen in order to focus on building name association with the core of the neighbourhood.

Design Intent
The logo was designed with meandering alleyways in mind — calling to the sense of discovery experienced when shopping in bazaars and night markets around the world, and the maze-like nature of the Yorkville area itself.

A simple ribbon motif was proposed in order to enhance this sense of discovery. By ensuring that the ribbon elements were always simple in form and untangled the hope was to encourage images of the free flowing nature of wandering peaceful exotic marketplaces.