YSDN Delve

Strategic Vision
Delve was the name of the YSDN 2013 Grad Show, and for this project, I was tasked with the daunting role of leading the team that would take the show's identity and carry it out throughout the event itself.

Challenged with a limited budget we developed an all-new display system that allowed us to utilize single materials across many different applications through the show with little or no modification. The centrepeice of the project was the design and construction of the students' display stations; these were designed modularly, giving us the ability to use a single unit in a variety of configurations, or to combine multiple units for even further customization.

Design Intent
In addition to the display units a wide variety of touch points and mediums had to be considered. With more an more students choosing to show their multimedia work on iPads and on screen, and lacking the budget to allocate a screen to every student media stations had to be thoughtfully designed and positioned within the show in order to display the work and brand, but to also protect the equipment.

Given a venue with so much character, we decided that rather than have our brand compete for attention with space we would let our displays and brand compliment the space. Choosing raw construction lumber and industrial hardware created a relationship between our show and the space, while strategically placed accent colours and logos ensured that the Delve identity was ever present.