Albert Phan

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then it could be said that design is all about distilling a thousand words into a single picture. Design-led story telling as a solution to creative challenges is at the core of what drives me forward as a creative individual.

I’m a graphic designer with a passion creating images that move you, conjure up unexpected emotions, and inspire curiosity. I went to YSDN – the York University/Sheridan College joint program for graphic design in Toronto, Canada, and later went on to work in branding and design with clients in athletics, cultural institutions, global banking, healthcare, and music. These days you can find me hanging out with the (very smart) folks from Cervélo trying to conjure up new and interesting paint ideas for some of the fastest race bikes in the world.

Want to talk? Hang Out? Grab a beverage of your choosing? Feel free to give me a shout at